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Leave Your Property in Good Hands

Whether you're planning a large project, have multiple properties, or are planning to spend time away, our property management services are here to ease your mind.


Trustworthy, honest, hardworking and extremely accommodating 

Chris Locke and his wife, Andrea Locke, personally handle all property management clients. Chris is a retired police officer with nearly 20 years of service and Andrea is an active duty officer with 16 years of service. With a background in law, we serve our clients and their properties with expert attention to detail from security checks to professional facilitation of any projects.

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Retired Police Officer

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Active Duty Police Officer


Security and Safety Checks

While properties are vacant including the entire property inside and out for security, heat/ac, utilities functioning properly, etc.


Preparation Services

Gets the property up and running for the customer to return after long periods away


Home Security Camera Monitoring

 Observe security footage remotely and respond to the property as necessary


Alarm/Emergency Response

Visits to the property in case of alarm, fire, flood, etc.  This service is 24/7


Professional Facilitation

We will take the lead on property projects including working with contractors and other services to ensure smooth completion

Searching for the right company for your project? 

With 21 years in the property services business, we have a vast network of service providers and trades persons we can confidently recommend for any project you can think of.  We will even facilitate the relationship and work for you so you can spend your time tackling your next to-do.

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